Top Rated 6 Waterfalls in Iceland with Reasons to Visit in Summer 2024


Top Rated 6 Waterfalls in Iceland with Reasons to Visit in Summer 2024

Iceland is a place to get charmed by the beauty of nature and its exuberance. If you are into traveling or want to start your European travel adventure then Iceland is a good place to start. Iceland is the place blessed with sublime beauty and a stunning landscape that has always attracted tourists from every corner of the world. The country alone has more than 10,000 waterfalls and it is certainly a view to witness these far-land waterfalls. Do you know, there is a variety of the waterfall types? Yes, we have the plunge, multi-step waterfalls, punchbowl style waterfall, chute waterfall style, cascade, cataract, block, and chute, etc. Iceland takes pride in having all these types of waterfalls and people get the mind-blowing experience when they get the first-hand experience of these natural sights. Embark on a journey of adventures and start your expedition for new travel escapades with NewsWorldLab.

Let’s Check Out Some Of The Best Waterfall Scenes That You Should Not Miss During Your Iceland Trip This Summer:

1. Gullfoss Waterfall:


This magnificent waterfall is present within the Golden Circle on the Hvítá river and you will be amazed to know the water source for this waterfall are Langjökull (the second-largest glacier in Iceland). The waterfall setting has two stages which then connect to a deep canyon. Come here on a sunny day to see the magic of mesmerizing water falling into the deep canyon while above rainbows ricocheting off the water source.

2. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall:


This 65 meters high waterfall is a true treat for eyes. It is easy to spot the fall right from the main road and if you want you can get the closer look of the falls and walk right up to it. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat and hiking boots for the path can be a little slippery.

3. Dettifoss Waterfall:


This second most waterfall in Europe is present in the Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland. Since this waterfall is present inside a canyon so it is a rare sight to catch and not possible right from the road. Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss are the neighboring waterfalls that are located closer to Dettifoss.

4. Glymur Waterfall:


This bewitching cascade comes with a little of hiking adventure and thus perfect for hiking enthusiasts. It takes just a 40 minute ride from Reykjavik to reach this spot. On your way to the waterfall, you will be amazed by the mesmerizing sights of caves, valleys, mountains, and rivers. You can plan for a sweet picnic here and enjoy your meal in peace amongst the nature. With 198 meter cascade, this is known as the second tallest waterfall of Iceland.

5. Svartifoss Waterfall:


This one-of-a-kind waterfall is present in Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. It is certainly one of the most popular sights here as you will see dark lava columns near the waterfall and that adds to its spectacular beauty. The name Svartifoss is significant as it means Black Falls and it is evidently because of the black, basalt columns that surround the waterfall walls. You can enjoy little hiking experience on your way to this fall and fortunately, we have three other waterfalls which are equally amazing and worth visiting, these are Þjofafoss, Hundafoss, and Magnusarfoss.

6. Öxarárfoss Waterfall:


Just a ten minutes brisk walk from the parking lot, this stunning waterfall is in Þingvellir National Park, Iceland. It flows from the river Öxará over the Almannagjá. This beautiful gem is definitely worth a visit and also come here to check out the massive tectonic plates.

Now, won’t you be just getting the half of fun if you think Iceland is all about winter adventure? Apart from colder months of winter, Iceland is quite a delight to visit in summer. Though we all appreciate every season but man, it sure is a big thing to have a summer season in Iceland. “The First Day of Summer” is celebrated as a national holiday to observe the commencement of the new and warmer season.

So Let’s Check Out Below Why Iceland in the Summer Season is a Good Idea.

  • Experience the Midnight Sun in Iceland:

    During the summer season, the sun sets late and that means after midnight. Since Iceland is located below the Arctic Circle, the summer nights are quite short here. While winter brings the magic of Northern Lights, summer is for Midnight Sun.

  • Wildlife Comes To Life during the Summer Season:

    From the month of April to September, you can expect to witness more than 20 species of amazing whales here. Some of the species include Orca, Humpbacks, Mink and Blue Whale. Not just water mammals but exotic bird species is a normal sight here during the summer period. We have the largest puffin colony here on Westman Islands during the summer season.

  • Summer Festivals and Icelandic Events:

    Summer brings back the vitality and vigor and thus a lot of festivals and events are celebrated during this period. Secret Solstice is one festival that is quite popular among the local and international travelers. During this event, you get to witness the work of established as well as upcoming artists. Another unique festival would be the Viking festival in Hafnarfjörður where they celebrate the age old Norse heritage and Viking culture.

  • Enjoy Hiking:

    The Perks of coming to Iceland during the summer season is that many routes get accessible and thus you can have great hiking experience. Have a camping time, breathe in the fresh air, witness the beauty of Icelandic wilderness, the mesmerizing waterfalls and what not.

Our Final Thoughts:

Reading about places before actually going there could be another fantastic way to start your trip planning and that could be the reason why you are reading this article right now; for inspiration. New places inspire the newness in us and that’s why traveling is a lifelong learning that we must indulge in time-to-time for the priceless moments. Iceland is a place to get charmed by the beauty of nature and its exuberance. So If you are into traveling or want to start your European travel adventure then Iceland is a good place to start. and Iceland is sure a gem and you can certainly explore this place if you have the right plan. Yes, even having fun requires some sort of planning. So we write this article so it could help you in planning your Iceland trip and Making your every trip safe, fun and completely worth your time and energy is what motivates us.


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