Top 6 Unexplored Places in North East of India That You Can Add To Your Bucket List


“Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world had its own special sunset and it was worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down.”― Ryu Murakami

“Through travel, I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it.”― Eudora Welty

Top 6 Unexplored Places in North East of India That You Can Add To Your Bucket List

Some of the stunning Top 6 Unexplored Places in North East of India are the reason why travelers keep coming here to revisit these places and find it completely enthralling every time. Today we will be discussing the new and most visited places in this part of the country and hope you find this virtual travel blog inspiring for your next vacation in the near future.

There are times when stress weighs us down and those are times when we should shift our focus to things and places that bring us tranquility and soothe our spirits. Reading travel blogs will enlighten you in simple ways and for sure keep you busy from going back to the stress mode. Through our fresh Article post, we are covering the Top 6 Unexplored Places in North East of India that are worth exploring and you can pick your favorite destinations that you would want to travel once the life is back to normal on earth.

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1. Sunderbans:


India may be replete with wildlife destinations however what truly inspires us as travelers to explore them all is the utter magnificence of untouched wildlife of all these places. Sunderbans, where you find the world’s largest mangrove forest along with thrilling off-the-beat tracking adventure, wild terrain, and mesmerizing river channels. Sunderban National Park is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and this national park includes 54 islands that are home to the largest number of wild tigers.

2. Arunachal Pradesh:


The Northeast of India treasures the natural beauty which is still safe and least interfered with by the outside visitors and Top 6 Unexplored Places in North East of India that’s what makes it so impeccable of a place that must be explored for its endless magnificence. Come to this part of India to find the wildlife of Eastern India, photograph worthy landscape and pristine valleys and snow-clad mountains, the least visited the north-east state with the opportunity to enjoy a ton of adventure activities.

3. Meghalaya:


This serene and almost dream like place has the best of nature, from hills to lakes, valleys, waterfalls, caves, and clouds (yes, Meghalaya is also known as the Abode of Clouds). It is one of the wettest places on earth and that being said you can enjoy a fair amount of sunshine and a lot of rainfall. This majestic place by all means deserves a visit from every nature lover who loves to travel and explore.

4. Sandakphu Trek:


Get the best view of the Himalayan mountain range from the highest peak of Bengal, yes the Sandakphu. This trekking range is present in the “queen of hills” which is Darjeeling. The Sandakphu trekking experience should be a must try adventure trip amongst the nature.

5. Sikkim:


Bordering with Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal, Sikkim is Bestowed with dramatic landscape in north east India. This state of India has beautiful mountains, amazing valleys, serene ambiance, and undoubtedly a calm location to rejuvenate your spirit. Come to Sikkim for solo or even family trip and spend some amazing time here. Try out the local cuisine and visit the Buddhist temples and find some great nature spots for your Instagram images.

6. Goecha La Trek:


When mountain calls, you go visit! Yes, Sikkim is a hidden nature gem and Goecha La trek is one of the things that make your Sikkim trip so special. Diverse flora and fauna, free-flowing Rathong Chu River, and high altitude trekking to add to the adrenaline rush are just what you call a true mountain vacation.

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