What Are The Side Effects of Blow Drying Your Hair Daily?

What Are The Side Effects of Blow Drying Your Hair Daily?

The Side Effects of Blow Drying Your Hair Daily

The Side Effects of Blow Drying Your Hair Daily are many things in the world right now we cannot do without. And Then, there are things which we doing without actually knowing their dangerous consequences. The interesting part is, certain things are very dangerous to use but we still use them ignorantly. Without knowing its long term side effects that we could face because of it. One of them is formaldehyde (a strong-smelling chemical gas used in making house hold products and building materials etc.).

You need not attend a chemistry class to dig out the applications of this toxic gas. You are actually living with this gas!

Don’t believe this? Well, when did you last visit a salon for a cool Brazilian blow-out treatment on hair?

How you love your tresses for coming out silky smooth, glossy, and manageable!

The hair dresser was a sweet girl, gently blow drying, flat ironing, and rinsing your hair to seal their cuticles. Then she ‘lovingly’ applied a white formulation and again blow dried your hair. And lo and behold, your hair attained a lovely texture!

The only problem with this cool keratin treatment is that the residues of the white formula stick to your hair by binding with their keratin. Whenever you blow dry the hair, this formula releases a toxic gas called formaldehyde in the air. You inhale it and it enters your body.

The Another Problem is that this Gas is an Established Carcinogenic.

The American Cancer Society revealed the fact that professional keratin treatments can subject us to constant exposure to formaldehyde gas. This is because the formula applied on hair reacts each time you apply heat to the hair, such as during heat styling.

So, you are actually living with formaldehyde gas right over your head. Whenever you blow dry, it conveniently releases into the air around you. You inhale it and fill your lungs with this cancer-producing gas.

And this is all about cancer and overall health.

Studies have also established that formaldehyde causes hair loss.

Formaldehyde induces follicles to go into an extended telogen (inactive) phase. So, they stop producing hair.

Formaldehyde In Shampoos

Most of the shampoos contain chemicals that release formaldehyde gas. Despite the environmentalists making a lot of noise about this toxic gas present in our daily-use products, manufacturers have cleverly managed to counter the argument.

According to them, when formaldehyde is mixed with water a compound called methylene glycol is formed. However, experts are of the view that formaldehyde in any form is harmful.

Why Is This An Alarming Situation?

It is important to purchase shampoos and conditioners from responsible companies that are more into creating natural-based formulations.

Shampoo and conditioner are products that you use almost daily. They form your basic hair care routine.

When your basic routine is laced with toxicity you are subjecting yourselves to a continuous exposure to harmful elements.

“Something done once in a while does not harm you that much then something done regularly,” remarks one of the researchers from the American Cancer Society.

In this case, if you expose yourselves to formaldehyde gas once in a while, you won’t get cancer, but if you are literally living with this gas, inhaling its “invisible” fumes frequently, you are in danger.

What Can You Do About This?

Good question. For The Side Effects of Blow Drying Your Hair Daily you shuold Now that formaldehyde gas is almost everywhere around us, awareness is the need of the hour. First, know what items in your house have the potential to release formaldehyde gas. Limit their use.

You need to change your shampoo and conditioner urgently. Bring home a more natural-based shampoo that is devoid of the long list of “unpronounceable” names that seem Greek to you.

You don’t understand those chemicals means you don’t know what you are feeding your hair roots!

So Conclusion for The Side Effects of Blow Drying Your Hair Daily are those suffering from hair loss due to formaldehyde, minoxidil could be a good solution. It can re-activate your follicles. Wondering what does minoxidil does to healthy hair? Relax, it’s not toxic or carcinogenic. So, you can safely use minoxidil without having any doubt it’s a scientifically proven solution used by millions around the world right now.


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