Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe?

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe?

As long as you are having fun, it doesn’t matter where you are traveling to. However, when it comes to New Year events, we would like you to know some great locations that have the best of Christmas and New Year celebrations that we research for you. So, stay tuned because through this post we are going to disclose 18 most famous destinations in the European continent which also happen to be some of the coolest places to spend your year-end time.

If you are not planning to have a staycation then here are some amazing locations in Europe to catch that lively essence of brand new year celebration. And have a great start to your year with a fantastic European holiday. We listed below our top 18 places in our Article posts, so stay tuned and learn more about it.

The Best 18 Destination Places To Visit and Celebrate New Year Eve Are Here:

1. London

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: First of all, Hello!! it is London! we all want to have at least one trip to this symbolic city of Britain. Even though it is enthralling to have a trip to London just at any time of the year but during the year end period, I personally believe the experience here gets twice as much better and interesting. What a great way to make some new year memories here!

What To See: Check out the Hyde Park, the London Wonderland, get yourself a table at a soiree to taste some gourmet food while you have the upbeat music going around by the DJ. Make sure you don’t miss the parade which also features the procession of the queen’s horses.

Things To Do: We are talking about the New Year event and London is always ready with its pyrotechnic displays on the London South Bank along with New Year fireworks to ablaze the night sky and giving a cheerful welcome to the brand new year.

2. Ibiza

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This archipelago of Spain is known for its lively and wild nightlife with scenic and exotic views of the island. What better way to relax, fun and frolic during new year times if not here!

What To See: You can celebrate the special day of the new year here with your friends or family. If you are comfortable having your own privacy, then you can check out the luxury hotels like Hacienda Na Xamena Spa and indulge in some family time and pampering session.

Things To Do: New Year eve in Ibiza and that’s the perfect time to check out the significant Ibiza club, Pacha. During New year celebrations, the club arranges special events and various treats for the tourists coming to Ibiza for a unique experience.

3. Dubrovnik

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This Croatian city is the very place that I would want to be in during this New Year; why? well, the ambiance and weather here become so much more interesting during the winter season. And given the New Year occasion, it would certainly be significant enjoying your time in this faraway land.

What To See: Besides the pomp and show of New Year celebrations, if you are looking for some great drink places here, then say Hello to the New year and hit the Latino Club Fuego, Revelin or Capitano here.

Things To Do: Come to Croatia and celebrate the outdoor New Year festivities at the Stradun, the Big Dubrovnik old town street. Enjoy some good music and listen to Croatian bands live while you get to spend some quality time with your family and good food of course.

4. Barcelona

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: Barcelona is a metropolitan city in Spain that has the warmth and passion for celebrations. The new year festivities start early (around 9 pm) here and you need to be all ready to be a part of it and participate in the official events.

What To See: People flock from different parts of the country to celebrate this eventful time together and that means the city becomes a part of the huge new year pomp-and-show here and you have got to be a part of it.

Things To Do: Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists come to Barcelona and New year is one of the times when you cannot keep yourself from not indulging in the lively celebration and all the fun activities. Also, you can watch the Pyrotechnic display here which is performed for several minutes.

5. Paris

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: For the widest range of New Year celebrations and events, you can choose Paris as your New Year holiday destination. This elegant and sophisticated city offers you the perfect time to celebrate and connect with your loved ones over a holiday get together. This stunning place experiences large gatherings at Champs Elysees during this time of the year.

What To See: Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Paris and welcome the New year in the French style in Paris. The city’s firework display is a must to see and you can plan either for a club party or enjoy your time at a fancy restaurant while enjoying scrumptious French cuisine. Eiffel Tower is for sure the main spot for New Year Eve where we have all the glitz and celebration but there are many other spots with as much fun and party (for instance, Moulin Rouge cabaret, dance party at wanderlust, New Year Eve’s dinner at Lido de Paris, etc.).

Things To Do: Celebrate the fresh start of the year, enjoy a great dinner and indulge in some sightseeing by booking a cruise trip at Bistro Parisien. Visit London, store house to attend the best and popular New Year eve events here.

6. Madeira Islands

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal and in this distinguished part of Europe. This scenic place will remind you of an amazing Hawaii. Festivities and celebrations are at its peak when it comes to year end celebrations and thus one of the popular European destinations to spend your New Year holidays.

What To See: Enjoy a leisure walk while your shop for Christmas and New Year at Funchal. The island sure celebrates the beginning of the year with full pomp and show as you can see some interesting firework displays during this time.

Things To Do: Since here celebration for New year starts pretty early, you will witness decked up and decorated shops and places from early December itself. Enjoy shopping and fun activities around while you are here.

7. Pag

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This beautiful Croatian island is present in the Adriatic sea and this sunny land is another pulsating party island that perfectly fits the essence of the new year celebration. Pag island has the best of night life, fun clubs, amazing DJs and beach, and pool party scenes.

What To See: Apart from the festive season, the place has a lot to explore. Here you can go for leisure bike rides or guided cycle tours, go for the walking tour around the old Pag town, or enjoy the culinary delicacies in the Zadar region.

Things To Do: Have a great time with friends and family and enjoy the nightlife and New Year celebration with the locals here. Taste some exotic wine and give a fresh start to the new year just like the fresh green grasses of Pag island.

8. Berlin

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: For a city getaway, this European gem is most suitable as it promises a great nightlife, gourmet local food/cuisine, rich history, and world renowned beer. The German capital has the fun, the classic and the cool vibe to it and New Year Eve here will charm your heart.

What To See: Party Mile in Berlin is the main attraction for New Year events as this party stretch is between Brandenburg Gate to Victory Column. This almost 2 km long party zone is located on the iconic landmark where we have the breathtaking view of fireworks and like-minded people having a fun time together.

Things To Do: This place (Party Mile) is perfect to try assorted activities such as cultural programs, party tents, laser lights, fireworks, eatables, etc.

9. Brussels

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This popular city and capital of Belgium is the bustling city that promises a great experience of travel as the place has notable museums, restaurants, galleries, etc. However, since we are covering New Year special in this post so let me tell you, the New Year Extravaganza is a big thing here. Join the Happy Brussels group and get one with the locals to celebrate this year end fantastic energy-filled celebration.

What To See: Check out the Grand Place or Grote Markt here, it is the main plaza of the city which is present in the heart of the city. While you admire the age old architecture of the square (which was established around the 11th century), you can visit various original and surreal places here such as Saint Michel Cathedral, Belgian comic strip center, Place Royale, and Belgium Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

Things To Do: This New Year Eve in Brussels you can attend the New Year Countdown on the pedestrian area, which is also popular for celebrating the NYE as the area has more than 15 clubs, over 60 DJs and assorted bars and other venues for new year celebration.

10. Vienna

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: During the New Year’s period, Vienna looks completely amazing for it becomes one of the most decorated European cities you will ever see here. Being a popular tourist destination, you will find a lot of good music, food, drinks and interesting activities available at every step here. Get the best party and dance experience for your New Year celebration here in Vienna.

What To See: Given the event of New year celebration, the Old City is the place you want to explore where you will find festive balls, opera and concerts, gala dinner and Prater Fireworks is all that you will be getting here.

Things To Do: Besides Old city, we have Schikaneder or Evita where you can hang out or you might attend exhibition grounds. The Old City holds the charm during this time as the city center turns into a glam party zone around midnight, so make sure you are there!

11. Mykonos (Greece)

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This place is known for its high spirit and party vibe throughout the year. During the Christmas and New Year times, the place gets into the holiday spirit in complete glory. Warm hospitality, easygoing people and a fun times are what you get at Mykonos.

What To See: This island has a tranquilizing vibe and you can relax and chill throughout your holidays. Besides exploring, it is recommended to try the local confectionaries which are exclusively available here, the Melomakarona and Kourabiedes. Explore the wonderful city of Mykonos, and the little Venice while you are here.

Things To Do: What a good time to be in Mykonos during NYE, as all the great parties, folk music, and house carols can be experienced only in Mykonos. Also, you can relish the traditional Greek culinary during this festive period here.

12. Istanbul

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: New year celebration is a big thing in cosmopolitan cities like Istanbul and spending your new year here could be a whole new experience in this part of the Europe. From cruise parties for a new year to high end DJ bars and restaurants, we have everything top notch in Istanbul and you can have a great time enjoying the great ambiance and good food and a party vibe.

What To See: If you are here for the New Year celebration then you must visit Taksim square, the Faith districts and Istikul Street here. Midnight and Golden Horn bring out the true celebration feel that cannot be missed if you are in Istanbul.

Things To Do: A great firework show to welcome the fresh year, countdown from the vantage points, great pubs to try exotic wines, cozy and comfortable cafes and restaurants for sumptuous food, also dinner cruise on Bosphorus.

13. Prague

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: Create some unforgettable memories in Prague with firework displays and festive markets all around turning this entire city into a happy place for the New Year celebration.

What To See: Winter season and charm of Czech culture and warm locals together does have a quite welcoming atmosphere for the tourists coming here in the festive season. From river cruises to clubs, bars and the Old Town square are quite famous for celebrating the NYE and giving a grand start to the new year.

Things To Do: Totally worth your money, this winter and new year travel destination have more to offer with all the cultural programs, night life, party ambiance, finest cuisines, dance performances as well as other options such as romantic dinner spots, Jazz cruise, and party events. You can visit other sought after locations here such as Lesser town, Prague castle and Petrin hill.

14. Gdansk (Poland)

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This beautiful seaside city in Poland is present on the Baltic coast. The year-end celebrations are a great event to attend here as the place organizes grand parties, outdoor events, fireworks, and popular music events. It is a good time to spend your New Year’s Eve in Gdansk.

What To See: Some of the main attractions during New Year’s eve here will, of course, be the festivity and it is a view to watch all decked up places just oozing out the charm of new year’s celebration. New Year’s celebration in the Brzezno district where we have the best DJ events and other fun activities going on.

Things To Do: The most important part of the Gdansk year end celebration (New Year’s Eve and Christmas) is to have a hearty meal and eat to the fullest. Their tradition is to have a good time and full tummy during festivities because more you eat, more potential you have to prosper in the face of challenges. So try some local cuisine at the Wigilia or booze events at Skwer Kosciuszki.

15. Amsterdam

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: Amsterdam is pretty well-known and do we need to stress enough that it is one of the best places you can have a great Christmas and New Year vacation. This beautiful place organizes hundreds of parties, club nights and special events during New Year times.

What To See: Anything and everything here is worth a try and you will for sure enjoy your time here. Although some very amazing places will include the Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein, and Nieuwarkt.

Things To Do: From first time travelers to globetrotters, everyone just loves coming to Amsterdam as this place is life of party, fun, and enjoyment. Streets here are easy to navigate and thus you can explore as much as you want without getting lost or circling around the same place. You must attend the NYE celebration at Oosterdook for the special events and amazing fireworks.

16. Hvar (Croatia)

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: Another lesser known but great to be placed for your New Year celebration is Hvar. This romantic place has the charm to amaze anyone. The city has its special way to celebrate and welcome the fresh year.

What To See: The best thing to do is to start your celebration and kick in the vacation mode from Jelsa. The place gets decked up in the festive essence. If you are a party person, there are plenty of bar events and club scenes that you can attend.

Things To Do: Celebrate this festival the local style and attend their event on the old stone square. Whether you are a solo traveler or coming here with your family, it is perfectly safe and fine to be a part of these festivities and events.

17. Stockholm

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: With an array of hot locations and party spots here, Stockholm does make it to the list for being one of the best NYE celebration destinations in Europe. Whether you are looking for booze, party, and fireworks or aiming for silent prayers and peaceful time, you get it all here. This amazing place has a welcoming vibe and thus tourists are comfortable coming here during the festival times.

What To See: Swedish people know how to celebrate and even though it gets quite cold during this time of the year, people bare the chills and get on the streets to get together and have a great time together. For the NYE celebration, the City Hall, Fjallagatan, Sodermalm, and Monteliusvagen are places to see.

Things To Do: Check out the Skansen open air museum in Stockholm and bid goodbye to the passing year in a new style. Spend a romantic time with your friends or loved ones beside the Lake Malaren here and relax.

18. Edinburgh

Which 18 Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe?

Why You Should Go: This Scottish capital is a rare charm and one of the fascinating cities of Europe where we have the majestic buildings, countless awe-inspiring museums, narrow cobbled passageways, and beautiful gardens. People here do have a lot of fun and enjoyment during the year end time. Hogmanay is what Scottish people call the New Year’s Eve and one can witness how jovially and passionately this festival is celebrated by locals here.

What To See: It’s time to hit the best clubs and restaurants in the city and have a great time with locals or your crew while welcoming the new year. Hogmanay street party is the thing to attend as you will get the best music, crowd, DJs, outdoor bars and lots of fun.

Things To Do: While you are in Edinburgh, make sure to be a part of their New Year celebration as the festivities are celebrated for days and nights. Attend the Hogmanay, be a part of the street party, torch light procession, and yes attend the concerts and taste the Scottish cuisine.

Our Conclusion :

We hope it helps you get some fresh ideas on places that you would want to visit for your New Year vacation. and we tried our best to find the list of top visited European cities famous for new year and holidays vacation for your family and friends across the globe. and in the end, we wish you to have a great start to your year with a fantastic European holiday.


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