Top 5 Reasons Why Singapore Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination


Top 5 Reasons Why Singapore Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Escape the usual and get ready to experience the exuberance and thrill of exploring a city that has the best of everything. Singapore is not just the cleanest city in the whole world but also a land that is the melting pot of culture, race, and ethnicity that brings out the best of harmony and unity.

Here Are Five Good Reasons To Be In Singapore For a Vacation:

NewsWorldLab has always guided some of the best bespoke trips holiday vacations on our website to Asian destinations and the other parts of the world Singapore is also one of the best and most famous tourist destinations now among the across the globe. So, we giving you the best trip guidance and traveling advice today. So read our article for the top 5 good reasons to explore Singapore.

1. Cultural Diversity:

Yes, being bestowed with cultural diversity and heritage, the city celebrates many festivals throughout the year. The year starts with New Year and Chinese New Year Celebrations (between Jan-Feb) and ends with the Christmas festivities. Chinatown and Bugis Street are quite known for the festive attractions during New Year celebrations and thus a must-visit place.

In June, we have the pious Hari Raya Puasa festival of Muslims, and this religious festival is celebrated after observing a month-long fast. If you are coming to Singapore during this time of the year, then check out the amazing annual Geylang Serai Ramadhan Bazaar to try and taste the best of street food found here. Some of the must-try dishes would be Durian, Chilli Crab Churros, Chocolate Kebab, and Jackfruit Bombs.


If you are visiting here towards the end of the year then you can join the festive celebration of Deepawali, which is one of the Hindu festivals that is observed with great joy and zest. Visit Indian markets, try henna tattoo,s and try out some amazing Indian cuisine.

2. The Food Culture and Hidden Delights:


One of the things to explore as a traveler in Singapore is the food here. This city takes pride in contributing to the amazing Asian cuisine, so while you are here, try some lip-smacking food items from hawker stalls to elite restaurants and you will be amazed to find the variety and options in food here.

3. Good Place To Be a Shopaholic:


This global city is heaven for shopping lovers. The city has shopping centers and malls almost on every corner. Orchard Road is the iconic shopping district where we have the humongous four-level H&M building along with Uniqlo a Sephora. Besides high-end fashion streets, we also have affordable shopping points such as Bugis Street where you can find the right stuff at a nominal price. For some quirky boutique stores, you can try visiting Haji Lane.

4. The Artistic Angle:


Travelers who are interested in art and creativity will find a lot to explore in this land of growing art culture. Creative events such as Art Week and Singapore Writers Festivals, Laneway Festival, Ultra Music Festival, and Neon Lights Festivals are celebrated to commemorate various genres of creativity and art.

5. Pleasant & Charming Neighborhoods:


Chinatown in Singapore is one of the quaint places that has never failed to attract tourists who enjoy hanging around in less crowded places. This neighborhood is a culmination of the modernity of present times and an age-old traditional heritage of the yesteryears. This Chinatown was established in the year 1920 and is considered the oldest housing estate in Singapore. Get the best of Chinese cultural elements here in the unique housing blocks and heritage shophouses. Also, explore the pub culture here and the nightlife.


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