Do Aliens Really Exist and First Historic Abduction Story of Betty and Barney Hill?

Do Aliens Really Exist Abduction Story of Betty Barney Hill?

Do Aliens Exist and the First Historic Abduction Story of Betty and Barney Hill?

Do Aliens Exist and the First Historic Abduction Story of Betty and Barney Hill? That is a big Controversial Abduction story going through many decades and years but nobody found the true answer that aliens exist and their abduction story in this universe and we are not alone. We have also seen many fake videotapes that claim that aliens are caught in their latest videotape and then many came out fake and edited in last so that’s why it remains a very controversial topic Do Aliens Exist? But when many scientists claim their new study and research that they have solid proof and evidence that in their new study, they found this mystery question of alien life. So once again this kind of controversial debate starts everywhere around the world. So in this article, we investigate whether the abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill was true or fake.

Do Aliens Really Exist Abduction Story of Betty Barney Hill?

There are a lot of people, who claim to have contact with aliens, especially Greys. But the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill is one of the best documented and verified abduction cases. In 1969, Betty Hill was 41 and Barney Hill was 39 years old.

On September 20th, 1969 both were on the way home from a short trip to Niagara and Montreal. They were driving on a road in the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

At about 10 pm, they had a snack in a road-restaurant.

After that, they went on Highway US3, where they didn’t see any other cars and only one person in the whole time.

Five days later Betty reported to a UFO expert in a letter, what happened to them on the highway:

“My husband and I are very interested in UFOs because we had a terrible experience, which is very different from the other cases, only a few days ago. She said, that they drove through a wildlife reservation in the White Mountains/New Hampshire at about midnight.

At first, they could see a glittering object in the sky, which seemed to move very fast. So they stopped to watch it more exactly with their field glasses.

Suddenly it flew from north to south-west and seemed to cruise.

They continued their trip, but only a short time later, they stopped for a second time, because they were very interested in that strange object.

Then they could recognize, that the object was illuminated at only one side, which explained the glittering.

But they were shocked when it came nearer to the car. The object flew in front of them and had the form of a flat cake with a row of windows at the front side where blue-white lights were shining through.

Suddenly there were switched on two red lights on the side of the object. Barney Hill went on the road and could see the object very well now. It seemed so, that there were some “wings” with the red lights that had been folded out. When it came nearer, he even could see into the UFO.

Do Aliens Really Exist Abduction Story of Betty Barney Hill?

In the UFO, he could see several shapes, which were running there and back. It looked as if they were preparing something.

One of these “creatures” seemed to watch them. In the distance, the strange shapes were the size of a pencil and seemed to wear a glittering, black uniform.

At that moment, Barney was shocked and went back into the car with a hysteric laugh. He shouted, that the creatures wanted to abduct them.

He started the car and when they wanted to escape, they heard a strange humming noise which seemed to fix the car’s bodywork.

This was the letter that Betty Hill sent to Donald Keyhoe from the NICAP (National Intelligence for Aerophenomen).

The emotional reactions are told in John G. Fuller’s report with the title “The Interrupted Journey”.

Only two months later, on November 25th, the UFO experts could meet a “missing time”. Barney reported that they reconstructed the whole journey.

One of the experts asked, why they needed such a long time to come home. And from this moment, they recognized, that they had to come home two hours earlier! The roads were empty and they had a sped from about 105 to 110 km/h, and the Hills had done 300 kilometers in seven hours!

They also said that ten days after coming home, Betty had a lot of worried dreams, and since the happening, their health became worse and the dreams seemed to have described this state. But the dreams had much more information.

From the sighting of the UFO, the dreams seemed to continue the story. by this state.

Betty made a very good report about the dreams and although the report looked very strange, they seemed to have a logical connection to the UFO sighting.

We don’t know, how many dreams Betty had or if the same dreams just got back or if every dream had a special part of the event, which Bety later connected like a jigsaw puzzle. The dream starts after the UFO sighting. Betty sees the road turning left and then right. In the middle of the street, Betty can see a group of eleven men. Barney stops and the men are surrounding the car after Barney has tried to start the car again.

Then, Betty and Barney Hill are sitting still, because they are shocked. The “men” open the car, take Betty and Barney, and lead them away into the woods by surrounding both. Betty tries to talk to Barney, but he seems not to hear her.

The man on the left side next to Betty hears her calling Barney’s name and asks her if this is his name.

She doesn’t answer. He tried to calm her by saying that she wouldn’t have any damage and that there was no reason to worry.

Finally, they reach a little glade, where the disc lays. Betty describes, that the disc is almost the size of their house, and little lights or windows can be seen. They walk over a rammer and then to a “door” and Betty hesitates to get in.

They come to a corridor, which is fits the disc. The “men” bring Betty to the first part of the corridor, and Barney is led to another part.

Betty protests, but the leader explains to her, that in one room only one person can be investigated and that it would be quicker.

Then the group leaves Betty and a good and quiet-looking “man” in black clothes comes to her. He speaks English(???).

He has to investigate her.

He asks her, how old she is, what she eats, and how she sleeps. After that, she has to sit on a “chair” and the person cuts her some hair, takes some earwax, cuts her fingernails, and takes some skin.

Then, he tells Betty, that she has to lay on the table. He uses a strange system to check her nerve stem. She has to take off her dress. He does a “pregnancy test” with a 4-5 inch long “needle” by stabbing it in her umbilicus.

It aches very much and then the leader comes to her and waves his hand in front of her eyes and it doesn’t ache anymore.

He is very worried about her and Betty isn’t frightened anymore. The test is over and the “doctor” goes to Berney and stays with him a little bit longer. Now, Betty is alone with the leader and she starts to talk to him. He apologizes for her fear and answers to her questions.

The talk is interrupted when some men come into the room. After a short talk, the leader to Betty and opens her mouth and tries to pull on their teeth. He is baffled, that you could put out Barney’s teeth, but it was impossible to put out Betty’s teeth.

Batty explains to him, that Barney has a set of teeth in his mouth. Here starts a discussion about the age of Barney and the leader asks Betty a lot of questions about the time and how you measure it.

Then Betty asks for a piece of evidence for this happening and the leader agrees.

She can find a book in the room, which the leader gives her for the present. When they talk about it, there are questions about the universe and the leader takes a “map” where stars are shown. Betty tells him, that she doesn’t know much about the stars, but there are people on the earth, who know it and that a meeting can be organized by herself.

At this moment, some men appear with Barney, who is still very muzzy. Betty tries to talk to him, but there is no reaction.

The leader assures her, that he will be ok. in the car. They want to go to the “door”, but one of the men provokes a violent discussion.

Here the leader takes the book from Betty and explains to her, that the crew thinks, that nothing should be known about the happening and that Betty can’t remember it. But Betty says, that she wants to remember it, and the leader says, that she would perhaps remember it, but nobody would believe her.

They leave the object and go back through the wood.

The whole crew goes with them.

Betty thanks for the meeting and wants him to come back. He tells her, that this can be possible, but it’s not sure.

And Barney feels better when they come nearer to the car. They go into the car and the disc becomes a bright lightning ball and flies away. Back in the car again, Barney starts the car and Betty asks him: “Do you now believe in flying saucers?”

He answers:

“Don’t be so ludicrous!”

The UFO expert was only interested in these dreams because they showed the influence of the UFO on Betty.

The UFO-experts believed. that the Hills had seen a UFO, the dreams were the evidence that the Hills had seen something strange, but I do not say now, that the dreams must be true! Barney got a real shock and he didn’t want to talk about this experience.

The UFO expert Walter Webb (From the NICAP) wrote in his report, that Barney had “fictitious fears”.

Barney’s health became worse and he became depressive. The Hills thought, that the UFO sighting is responsible for all for Barney’s bad state of health.

The Hills decided to go to a psychiatrist to move them into hypnosis to check if the dreams were true and what happened in the missing time.

So the psychiatrist moved both separated into hypnoses.

The result was that the describing of Betty and Barney of the missing time agreed. They said that six (not eleven) shapes in dark overalls and huge bald heads and metallic-looking skin did medical investigators at them.

They did rehearse the hairs and fingernails. After that, the shapes brought them back to the car and the Hills woke up after a pip.

There Is Another Interesting Thing Happened :

At an airport near the place where they both were abducted, you could see an unidentified flying object on the radar.

And there are a lot of other witnesses, who could see a strange light. So, this case sounds very true, even if the dreams seemed to go too far sometimes. The Aliens seemed to be Grays or “relatives” of them.

But the Hills are only one couple of many, very much other abductees.


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