What Claims Made By People Who Abducted By Aliens in Past?

What Claims Made By People Who Abducted By Aliens in Past?

What Claims Made By People Who Abducted By Aliens in Past?

Just imagine, it is about ten o’clock pm and you go to bed because you have to work the next day. But when you wake up the next morning, you feel quite bad and you have strange wounds and scars and then you recognize that there is some time missing.

Well, you go to work, but you don’t feel very good and have to go to a doctor, and he says that there’s a lot of sleep missing and that you are very depressed. What happened in that missing time?

Because of your depression, you go to a psychiatrist the next day and at first, you want to sleep. But you don’t sleep very well, no you have bad dreams, you even may cry or shout in your dream.

Oh my god, the dream is really bad, you see strange shapes, who carry you from your bedroom into a strange-looking disk, yes, you know it from TV, it must be a flying saucer, a UFO. You shout and cry, but there’s no chance, they investigate you and then take you back into your bedroom again.

You wake up, you’re shocked and you’ll think:
“My god, I was abducted by aliens”.

The next day, you visit a psychiatrist and you tell him your missing time and your dream and he wants to move into hypnoses to hear the truth. Yes, and in hypnoses, you say, that some shapes, maybe four have taken you from your bedroom into a flying saucer and investigated you.

The creatures have a size of about 1,20 meters with gray skin and big, hairless heads. They have huge, oval and black eyes which make you very frightened. Perhaps, they have an overall or something like this.

They talk to you, but they don’t move their tiny mouth or no, it’s more a lot like the noise, as far as you can call of noise, no, you hear their voice in your head. After all the investigations, they take you to your bedroom again.

Yes, now you know the truth, but your health state becomes worse for the next time. It will become better again, but this will take time, yes, it will take years!

When you read this, you will think, that this is just a bad hoax, it’s just a story, but if you believe it or not, there are plenty of people who had such experiences, all around the world and alone in Germany, there are millions of people!

Yes, but that doesn’t mean, that every story is about an alien. abduction must be real, no there are sometimes “black sheep” under the abductees.

People take drugs and then they may have such hallucinations or if your psychic state is not very good. But this must not be correct for all abductions. Because there are sometimes pieces of evidence. Sometimes, people get implants in their bodies, and experts established, that these implants are not from the earth, you won’t believe it, but sometimes, there are even little probes in the head or the arms of some abductees. UFO experts say, that the aliens use these probes or implants to observe their “sacrifices”.

And I think they study us like we o it with mammals or other animals. They do experiments with us and they check, how we changed since the last abduction. And now, we are at another point:

After hypnosis, people say, that this abduction was not the first one, yes, from their early childhood, they are abducted and observed! And another point at the abductions is very interesting.

The abductees, who of course, don’t know each other, describe always the same creatures: child-size, big hairless heads, huge black eyes, grey skin, and twenty mouths. These aliens are called the Grays or EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). And of course, there was not only the Grays, who abducted persons, but it was mainly the Grays.

The abductions officially began in the 60s, but there are some reports of 1947 (the first sighting wave in the modern era) or the 50s perhaps even earlier. But, the abductions are not different from each other and they change the life of their sacrifice.


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