The Terrible Cattle-Mutilations Which Seems To Be Done By Aliens

Terrible Cattle-Mutilations Which Seems To Be Done By Aliens

Terrible Cattle-Mutilations Which Seems To Be Done By Aliens

Over the past few decades, a multitude of unexplained animal mutilations have been reported from all over the world. While a certain percentage of these “mutilations” can be traced back to natural causes such as predators or human-animal torments, there are over 100 unexplained cases that are beyond any explanation – and that are scattered around the world (but to a large extent in “notorious” Southwestern United States). Special characteristics of these special cases are – in contrast to natural incidents – almost abnormal mutilation of the victims. Organs or whole body parts were taken, without any blood or tissue traces found around. The bodies themselves are also completely bloodless.

The removed organs often focus on the mouth region and the genitals. These were – after analysis by doctors and technicians – with a kind of laser scalpel under high heat with surgically flawless cuts removed – and in no time. A classic example of such inexplicable mutilation is that of the mare “Lady” in 1967 in Colorado.

The veterinarian physician who arrived at the ranch found the horse in an extremely mutilated state:

  •  The skin and flesh of the head were completely removed except for the bare skeleton.
  •  Numerous internal organs had been removed by precise incisions.
  •  The incisions showed traces of heat at the edges.
  •  The animal’s backbone and brain had also been removed.

And all without a trace and without leaving a drop of blood at the scene. In the vicinity of the corpse, no strange traces were found, only the hoofprints of the horse which appeared in a panic had run in a circle. These imprints also end about 30 meters before the site. So how did the carcass reach this place…? Other traces in the area are a circle of 8 wells in the ground and a burnt bush (but they are not necessarily related to mutilation – but it is still striking) Fact is: Before the mutilation was – as with most courage – unknown Lights in the sky discovered that hovered over the pastures and were to clear up the situation.

In many cases, some form of celibacy has been associated with courage (which was probably indeed the case in a few simple structured events), but human offenders would never have been able to make such precise cuts in such perfection in such a short time, Especially since the necessary technology (laser?) at the beginning of the courage was not even available or even today requires equipment of enormous size, also, in this case, traces of human presence would be detectable. On the subject of “Courage for people”: Although there are a certain number of witnesses who were injured or (rarely) killed by contact with UFOs, there is no direct evidence of human mutilation.

The exception is the case described by some witnesses (including John Lear) of Sergeant Jonathan P. Louette, who was allegedly abducted in 1956 or 1958 and whose body was found days later bloodless and with distant genitals, rectal area, and eyes. However, this report was not confirmed by the US military, and information about Louette was also not obtained (which, of course, would be understandable if the incident is related to the military’s near-perfect cover-up strategy.)

The “black helicopters” described by some witnesses “were also related to courage. These “objects” are in the form of black unlabeled transport helicopters, which were often observed before (and after) mutation when flying over the pastures. These machines usually showed very unusual behavior in terms of flight characteristics (maneuverability, Acceleration) and influence on the environment (no noise, in some cases not even wind generation by the rotor blades) How to classify these (confirmed by numerous witnesses) incidents in the scheme: It may suggest a participation of the US government in the Mutes (According to rumors, the NSA should use unmarked helicopters)? This would be very unusual since no sense in the mutilation can be seen.

If the animals were needed for experiments (eg radiation tests), it would be nonsensical to take only certain parts of the body, in addition, the military has its flocks for test purposes. The helicopters were also observed several times together with the light phenomena, but the courage is not the only coincidence (or cooperation) of foreign flying objects and (seemingly) terrestrial machines (a classic example of such cooperation is the Landrum case, in which A UFO was apparently “escorted” by a squadron of military helicopters.) So, is courage done in cooperation and by the authorities? An admittedly somewhat adventurous theory on the incidents.

The assumption that helicopters are in reality extraterrestrial in origin and disguised as terrestrial objects seems even more subtle. However, this is unlikely, as UFOs were observed in most cases in the classical form over the pastures. This theory, however, speaks to the strange properties of helicopters (see above), which could probably not be realized with human technology. But where is the reason for courage? He is probably just as enigmatic as the kidnapping of people. It can only be assumed that cell material is taken from the organs (special value is always put back on the reproductive organs of the animals).

The purpose of these withdrawals, however, is unclear. John Lear at least explains in his statement that enzymes are taken from animals, that the aliens need to survive. This thesis is – like so many of his claims – unrealistic, but because of the lack of understanding of the events in the field of courage as well as anyone else. One thing is clear: “Cattle mutilations” are (as opposed to “human mutilations”) an indisputable fact that has been confirmed by numerous doctors and scientists in its inexplicability. Another indisputable fact is the concentration of courage in the southwest USA (especially in Colorado). Is there eventually a connection to the US Miltär (of whatever kind)?

Presumably one will never get a satisfactory answer to this riddle, and farmers will continue to discover strange light phenomena over their pastures, and the next day they will find animals whose body parts and streams with unknown instruments have been removed in an unknown manner. Some Facts to Supplement The number of more than 100 unexplained cases listed above should be considered an absolute lower limit, some books speak of several thousand of this courage with a mysterious background. With such a high number, however, one should be cautious and I think that a slightly lower estimate in the range of less than 300 provides a good cut of courage with an unexplained background, leaving open the question of the dark figure, of course.

The above-mentioned Lady is also listed in some textbooks as Snippy, but both names mean the same animal and the same case. A particularly common lately of courage is the Mexican chupacabra (goat sucker), a supposedly vampire-like creature, which, however, also indicates the physical characteristics of a classical alien. Although the Chupas also find explanations in mythology and folk history, it could still be that it is just a kind of extraterrestrial intervention, which was adapted to the Mexican mentality. At least the results are similar: mutilated cattle and goats with no more tracks, seem to be more specialized in blood rather than organ harvesting.


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