10 Details About The Latest 7 ‘Waste to Wonders’ of New Delhi Theme Park

waste to wonders park

10 Details and Facts About The Latest 7 ‘Waste to Wonders’ of New Delhi Theme Park

Historical city and National capital Delhi has recently added another feather to its hat by opening the most awaited theme park. Although, the city is already home to a couple of other interesting theme parks that are already open to the public this latest addition is something to look out for. This inviting theme park named ‘Waste to Wonder’ was inaugurated in Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The most remarkable and impressive fact about the park is the 7 wonders of the world that you get to see here. Putting industrial and other waste into good use by creating huge and spectacular sculptures of the 7 wonders of the world has caught everyone’s attention.

Here Are The Quick Facts and Basic Details About The 7 “Waste To Wonder” Park (New Delhi) You Need To Know:

1. Wonders of the World in Delhi: This theme park has 7 replicas of the wonders of the world. Here you will find the replicas of the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Christ the Redeemer Statue of Rio De Janeiro, the Statue of Liberty of the United States of America and Rome’s Colosseum.

2. Construction & Production of Sculptures: Almost 150 tons of scrap was used to develop and build these sculptures. Out of 150 tons of scrap, it was 90 tons of industrial waste and junk automobile parts were collected for constructing the 7 Wonders of the World.

3. Appearance and Presentation: Besides the fact that industrial waste items were put to good use to construct the replicas for this park; these constructed edifices are also given impactful finishing by installing old sodium lights for accentuating the features of the replicas.

Especially during the day and night hours, you can expect glorious and stunning sights here and that is the reason why you must add this theme park to your bucket list when planning a trip to Delhi. Why wait for a perfect plan when with The Mayven you can get hassle-free tailored and Guided Tours Of India? Visit Delhi and travel through the city and check out the Waste to Wonder park with Travmic services.

4. Know The Closest Bus Terminal and Metro Station: Situated on 5 acres of the land area of Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van, this theme park is built by SDMC and the nearest bus terminal is the Sarai Kale Khan (South-East Delhi). The closest metro station to the park would be the Hazrat Nizamuddin station on the pink line of Delhi Metro.

5. Entry Fee and Ticket Price: Based on the age group of the visitors the entry fee and the ticket price will be charged. The entry fee is free for children below 3 years of age and seniors above 65 years of age. For the age group 3 to 12 years the entry fee is INR 25 and for adults, the entry fee is INR 50.

6. Free Entry For MCD School Students: Students studying in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will get free entry to the park.

7. Artists and Professionals Behind The Work: A team of five artists, 7 associate artists, and 70 professional welders was made to carry out the theme project.

8. Eco-Friendly Park: By installing 3 windmills (worth 1 KW), 3 solar tresses (worth 5 KW), and a rooftop solar panel of 10 KW, the SDMC has made the theme park self-sufficient for running on its renewable energy.

9. Online Ticket Booking: As for now online booking is not available for visiting the park. You will have to buy the tickets at the entry point of the park.

10. Conveyance and Facility: The park has a parking facility for visitors who wish to drive to the location on their conveyance.


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