Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas arrive in the Caribbean to continue their honeymoon


The newlyweds finally enjoy their honeymoon, a month after their dream wedding.

The enviable honeymoon of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

 After the dream wedding they had in India, it was to be expected that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra enjoyed their honeymoon, also in style. The newlyweds traveled to the Caribbean in recent days after postponing it to fulfill the commitments of Christmas and New Year with their respective families. In the first month of 2019, Nick and Priyanka have been enjoying the sun, and the sand and so take the opportunity to take a break in the middle of so much celebration.

According to the traditions of India,  the spouses had all the pre-wedding ceremonies that are usually done, however, subsequent celebrations have also been present. Until today the newlyweds have had three events after the final reception, where they have taken the opportunity to meet with their closest relatives.

A source close to the couple revealed E! News that the singer was planning “the whole honeymoon” to surprise his new wife. “She had no idea what the Caribbean was going to be and Nick planned everything for the trip, everything is a complete surprise for Priyanka, ” he said. Although the retina de Belleza was aware that they were traveling to be alone, she only discovered where they were when they landed.


The interpreter of “Close” shared a picture on Thursday on his Instagram account of the place where they have been spending the last days and posted a video in his Stories where Priyanka is seen swinging on a rope from the beautiful beach with white sand. That same day both posed for a tender image that Nick accompanied the phrase: “Mr. and Mrs. Jonas.”

The new couple wanted to get away a bit from the winter cold they enjoyed when they joined the winter holidays in Switzerland with the whole Jonas family to celebrate the arrival of the new year. On social networks, some photos show how well they did during those weeks full of snow in the Alps.


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