Paradise Island Game Tips & Tricks and Cheats For Android and iOS


Paradise Island game is a decade old but still very addictive game right now for game lovers. Now Paradise Island 2 launched but still some people don’t want to upgrade to the second version. So for gamers, we are sharing some latest personal tips and tricks that will be sure to help you in the game.

Paradise Island Game Tips and Tricks Cheats

We don’t know what type of player you are, but here are a few tips & tricks that could be guaranteed to help you gather money faster. Collecting all kinds of information on the web, we noticed a lot of people are unhappy about the fact that that money is not coming in fast enough and buildings are taking too long to build. Therefore we have tips for the two kinds of players.

Type 1: the type of player that returns to the game every 15 to 30 minutes Type 2: the type of player that returns to the game every 4 to 6 hours

Which type of player are you? According to the way you play the game here are our tips, we’ll start with a few and keep on adding as we go along.

For the Type 1 players:

• Try to concentrate on building the type of buildings that return a profit over a shorter time interval. To start with, choose the Hot Dog Stands and as you go further continue with Ice Cream Shops. The Ice Cream Shops only cost $3200 but will pay you $100 every 5 minutes.

• The Gift Shops are a very good idea as well, they will make you 220$ profit every 25 minutes, after a $1100 investment only. The return on investment is very good.

• Do not buy buildings using your golden piasters as you will need them later and they are hard to gather

For the Type 2 players:

• Try to concentrate on building the type of buildings that return profit over a longer time interval. Since you’re not returning to the game often and there’s nobody to collect the money for you, your buildings will not generate money anymore once the maximum amount is reached. For example: a Hot Dog Stand that will return 100$ every 5 minutes, will only return the same 100$ if you return 5 hours later. Instead, keep your money and build Cafés, which will return $1500 every 5 hours. The Bed-and-breakfast is a very good alternative, returning $1600 every 4 hours.



Tips for Beginners:

One of the simplest prizes to get is money and XP for moving offices. If you move, for instance, your windmill a specific number of times by tapping on it and choosing move and after that putting it on another square you’ll get a reward. You have to move it multiple times in the principal case and you’ll get a helpful $1500 and some XP. To get another reward you have to move it multiple times and it goes far up from that point which makes it truly monotonous to do.

You can likewise assemble street, 40 areas will get you the Roadworker grant for $1,250 and 40XP. You can post photographs on Facebook for more honors. Likewise, look out for yellow and green dollar signs over your structures and tap them at whatever point they show up for more honors.

Paradise Island Game To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

To Cheat Or Not To Cheat? This is THE question! Several players have been searching for a solution to speed up the construction building time or to increase money. And there is a solution or two out there, questionable solutions but still available if you’re into cheating.

The first solution as we stated in our article Paradise Island Money Cheat, consists of changing the date of your Android phone and returning to the game. This will however penalize you if update your game version to the recent version. The developer changed the game so that it sees when you’re doing the date change operation and the side effects are various, the employees leaving the island, going back 2 days into the game, increasing the time your money generates, etc.

The second solution however seems to work better but there are two conditions:

1. Your Android phone must be “rooted”

2. You need to pay for the app

We don’t suggest doing any of this, rooting your phone might impact negatively other applications, and paying for an app to cheat a free game does not make any sense to us. The best suggestion at this point is not to cheat and play the game the way it has been built by the developer and do the proper updates which should ameliorate the gameplay. The least you can do is maybe search for tips and tricks or hints to better manage your island.

Share your thoughts below if you agree or not. This is only our opinion

Paradise Island Game Tips and Tricks Cheats #2

Here’s a collection of Tips & Tricks that should help you perform and manage your Paradise Island better. If you have more Tips, post them below, and share them with the other players or if you think that our tips have no value at all, that’s too bad they have been very useful to me so I’m sure they will help others.

• Upgrade your Business Center to Level 5 to lower the golden piastres generating period from 24 hours to 18 hours. We all know how precious the golden piastres are so this is a must since the only buildings generating them are the Business Center and the Bank (you need Level 21)

• The Golf Club is a very good money maker, $15000 over 18 hours, therefore you don’t need to return every 2 hours like for other structures, to collect your income. Other buildings like the Cottagewill generate $200 every 7 minutes which will generate $30857 over the same 18 hours, but you will have to keep your game constantly open. Not sure we can all do this.

• If you have a busy life and you only open your game 2 times a day, go for buildings that will generate revenue over a longer time. If you don’t collect your money, your building won’t generate anymore therefore it doesn’t make sense to choose buildings that will generate the full amount in 2 hours but you only return to the game twice a day.

• When upgrading your buildings, wait to collect your money first; your accumulated revenue will be lost if not. Example: if your Tropico Restaurant has $5000 / $6400 accumulated up to now and you chose “Improvement” without collecting first, you just lost $5000

• If you’re almost out of space but need more energy, upgrading your Solar Power Plants is the solution.

• Being proactive and hiring more staff people saves you time and money. Improve your Administrative Building before reaching the employee’s limit and having to wait several hours before being able to build a new structure.


Paradise Island Game Tips & Tricks #3

This amusement was structured so that gamers dependent on this diversion purchase piastres with genuine cash, genuine dollars. That is the motivation behind why they didn’t release any cheats whatsoever because the engineers are gaining a great deal from offering piastres online to accelerate the improvement of your island. That is the reason regardless of whether they circulated this amusement application in the application store, despite everything they procure a great deal from it.

What players love about this amusement is that it is exceptionally addictive. Furthermore, numerous who are playing this additionally endure even without purchasing piastres with genuine cash. You don’t need to play.

Piastres Cheats and Tips on Paradise Island Here are tips on how to maximize your Piastres collection.

Make a point to manufacture the Business Center and the Bank at the earliest opportunity.

The Business Center will give you 1 piastre in 24 hours at first, yet if you redesign it to level 5, you can gather it at regular intervals. The terrible news is, you can just form 1 Business Center for your island.

The Bank will give you 2 piastres in 36 hours, yet an opportunity to gather the 2 piastres will go down once you update the office. Not at all like the Business Center, you can in part gather 1 piastres in the bank (yellow piastres).

Most Important Tip in the end:

Remember that amusement time in Paradise Island keeps on pushing ahead notwithstanding when your telephone is off. Since structures don’t replenish cash until the point that you gather, your planning for turning on your telephone to complete a “fast gather” is imperative. Heaven Island is a diversion about gathering cash and piastres to grow.

Many individuals don’t understand that Windmills and Generators are upgradeable simply like structures. Just as opposed to getting cash, you are getting greater power. Commonly it might be less expensive to just redesign your Windmills as opposed to obtaining another one.


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